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Organization Design (O.D.) is a methodical process to design the best organization for meeting business objectives.  It creates a perspective of where we are and where we want to be with our people and the roles they play.

A well-managed O.D. process delivers clear plans and perspectives on how to operate efficiently and effectively.  Done correctly, the process removes from the discussion, as much as possible, the subjective perspectives on people, and personalities.  It creates objectivity and measurement for senior management to build the company they want and need, then place people where they add the most value and derive the most job and personal satisfaction.


This process allows time and thoughtfulness to building the right organization that speaks to the following:

  • What is our existing structure and distribution of power?
  • What structure would we like to have / need to have in order to accomplish our plans?
  • What are the gaps in what is and what is needed, how do we fill those gaps, when, and with what framework of decisions?
  • Develop and execute an organizational plan that aligns with the business and strategic plans.