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Pacific Rim Advisory Group has evolved a robust family business advisory practice designed to serve family businesses of any size and complexity.  Their tools and expertise allow families to efficiently and effectively handle the tough topics that are common in family business.

Working with Legal, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, and Family Counseling service providers Pacific Rim has a proven track record of assisting families, and family business to effectively negotiate the challenging topics of:

  • Family Succession Planning
  • Family Harmony / Conflict
  • Generational Wealth Retention
  • Buy Sell Agreement Negotiation
  • Family Unit Strategic Planning
  • Family Compensation Strategies
  • Family Business Center Central Valley
  • Management Succession Planning
  • Fairness, Equity, and Common Values
  • Generational Preparation
  • Buy Sell Agreement Execution
  • Effective Advisory Councils
  • Effective Use of Non-Family Executives
  • Family Business Association